Investment criteria

return expectations

Core plus, value-add and opportunistic investments with a target range of 15%-20% IRR on a 3 to 5 year hold. Return target will vary based on the risk profile of the deal.
Deal Size: $2-100M
Property Type: Retail, Office and Mixed-Use

emerging markets

In emerging neighborhoods, Tricera entrenches itself in the community, and patiently observes the trends and early pioneers before taking action. This strategy allows us to identify the best opportunities at pivotal points in the market’s cycle. Once we believe the area is ready for investment, Tricera’s approach allows it to move quickly prior to competition inflating the market. This provides Tricera the ability to buy to withstand a downturn, and sell at peak times to maximize returns.

mature markets

In mature areas, Tricera acquires properties that are under-utilized, contain below market leases, or have future redevelopment value. The preference is to purchase cash flowing properties where rents are moving quickly enabling us to capitalize on the momentum through Tricera’s fully integrated platform.